The Metalogy X Project now begins as an independent and community-managed Web3-based blockchain game project. We host the software structures which we have installed in distributed systems that are suitable for today's technology and conditions. Thus, we have prepared the decision-making mechanisms in a way that makes us able to manage these mechanisms with the community.

Metalogy X is a virtual universe and we are constantly working to make it the perfect place to escape from the constraints and monotony of the real world. Since being genuinely happy has somewhat become a luxury in today's capitalist society, we have started creating a virtual space where people can be happier with the excitement of exploring a unique and wonderful digital realm, without completely breaking away from reality.

Simply put, Metalogy X is a digital galaxy with many different planets. The humans in this universe have entered great wars with the aim to obtain high-energy elements in new galaxies that they constantly discover in the vastness of space. Built on the Polygon network, the project is developed by our team with diligence, care and expertise. Aside from an interesting and captivating lore, this remarkable project can provide a fun and joyous experience.

In the fictional realm of this project, a new galaxy discovered 1 million light-years away, MetalogyX, is the most valuable galaxy ever known to mankind. Aiming to exploit the resources of this place and open a new frontier for humans, companies quickly started to build colonies and communities on Planet X here. Even though the X-Humans on the planet reacted with hostility to this development, which they saw as an invasion by an alien species, the powerful robot armies of the companies (“Droids”) waged a lengthy war on X-Humans and locked away all of them in underground dungeons forever.

Gateways in this realm, which we call X Gates, provide passage between planets and fields. They offer mobility in this vast fictional galaxy and keep things moving, making this universe more thrilling and filled with action. There is virtually unlimited challenge and adventure here, from battlefields to arenas and more... You can develop and strengthen your X-Humans in the multiplayer areas and delve deeper into this marvellous universe.

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