There are 5 different game models on the planet and each game is on different areas on the globe that we have started to build for you. These games have been created with different models, which offer variety for players. Here you can spend time outside the world in your living spaces or commercial areas. We have designed our game models to provide potential profits for you. There are 3 different models available here. Each model has been carefully created and we are continuing to develop them in a logical way. As technology progresses, updates will continue in accordance with the structure. Power up your avatars, establish your clans and start the race. Enjoy the endless challenge!

Topics of the game models

Play and win ( This model is the most preferred one. In this section, players will earn tokens by performing tasks by playing different game types in different areas we have created for them. )

Build and win ( With this model, we want to give our players a different perspective. By purchasing our limited number of areas in the first virtual planet we created, they can begin creating their own ecosystems and make profits, thanks to the algorithm that we developed. We are creating a guide to better explain these parts, so that users will have the knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity. They can also earn an income by renting the areas they have purchased. )

Buy and win ( This earning method will be available to only 39,996 people. We are creating 6 different community cities in total in the universe we have constructed. With a total of 39,996 different housing areas, a certain amount of earnings from the taxes that we regularly collect in our entire ecosystem will be automatically sent to our citizens' wallets. Thus, the residential areas you buy can both benefit you by functioning as a living space and offering potential profits. )

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