Public Sale

Is there events that the Metalogy X team will attend? Also, when and where are these events be held? These can be the questions that you may have in your mind. Here are the answers:

  • April 23-25, 2023 | China National Convention Center

  • November 2022 | VR Days

So as you can see, we are planning to attend numerous events. As far as the celebrities that will be a part of our journey, we have a long list… We are planning to work with many celebrities and influencers, and we will be sharing these names on our marketing road map!

We are going to be providing the liquidity to decentralized exchanges in June 2023. Also, we are going to start this process with decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, sushiswap, polydex and quickswap.

In this process we are going to promote the public sales in various platforms like launchpads, starting in February 2023. As far as our launchpad choices, we have decided platforms such as BSCpad, Gamefi, FireStarter and Dao Maker. We will get the necessary updates regarding the dates and share them with our community through our website and discord channel.

Listing on global exchanges is planned to be carried out in January 2024. Regarding this date, we will be sharing updates with you soon.

In summary, we plan to get MLX token listed on decentralized exchanges as well as global exchanges in the future. Besides, we are going to be promoting our token with celebrities and influences. In addition to this, we will be taking advantage of platforms like launchpads in this process as well.

During the public sales process, we are planning to offer %20.6 of the total amount of MLX token to the investors.

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