X Passport

If you have an X passport, you will be able to enter our existing areas, you only need to have NFTs with hash code. When you buy a residence, apartment or villa, your X passport is automatically assigned to your meta wallet and you are now a part of the X world.

Don't waste any more time to begin participating in the games that we have created for you! Because you definitely wouldn't want to miss the prizes there.

If you have a passport, you can go to each city that we have created for you to have fun or do various commercial activities.

If you already have a living area or a business area here you will get taxes from our tax pool every week. So you not only get to live on the planet, but you can also get payments.

X Passports can also mint new hash codes for the visitors. If you want to throw a party in your living area, then you can mint tickets for your guests all around this virtual world.

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