By 2168, four influential corporate bosses, who delight in thinking that they are running the world's governments as puppets, see themselves as the owners and controllers of artificial intelligence technologies. These individuals are actually selected by machines with complex indirect and manipulative methods, and managed by machines with such methods.

As a result of this, a world of a failing economic, political, sociological system forms almost randomly, as well as puppet states, fake and manipulative news and conspiracy theories completely controlled by artificial intelligence, whose actions revolve entirely around the axis of money-information exchange.

Artificial intelligence (machines), the endless wishes of their so-called employers, collapsing stability, growing economic recession, decreasing resources, poverty, unhealthy nutrition, decreasing health opportunities are some of the causes that decrease the human population.

Earth's atmosphere is being harmed and its ecosystem is collapsing quickly, as humanity races towards an inevitable end. The powerful artificial intelligence Alpha Protocol first explores the warp journey between the stations called XGATE. Then it explores the planet Aggamemnon 1 located in the Milky Way galaxy, which has its own breathable atmosphere, living ecological system and rich raw material resources.

Now, for this planet that looks like the last hope of humankind, it's only a matter of time before a relentless war begins between the four big world companies and the machines. Who knows, maybe there are other enemies lurking insidiously besides these!?


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