Aggamemnon 1

We build living spaces, commercial areas and different games for you in the Planet. We have created futuristic cities for you to be a part of our community. You can own one of the residential areas in these cities and take advantage of all the opportunities the community has to offer.

You will be fascinated by both the interior and the exterior designs of high residences, apartments and private villas. In these residential areas, you can spend time playing games, watching movies or enjoying various types of content created by the community. You can also organize private parties in your residential areas and have fun with your friends. Moreover, the glittering futuristic structures of the city will take you to a different dimension. Flying cars, doors where you can teleport to different places and many more things that you dream of will be accessible through VR glasses.

In addition, we have expanded the ecosystem inside with commercial buildings and developed different models where you can earn money or get service from concert venues, movie theaters, museums, sports complexes, hospitals, clubs, meeting halls, beaches and offices where you can carry out your private meetings and work.

Our first planet, will serve only 39,996 people. We have built 6 different city areas in this world for our community. Each of our cities will have a total capacity of 6,666 members. Of course, the members who have an X Passport can mint a hashcode to invite guests to the city.

In addition to all these things, you will find yourself in an unlimited challenge, with our playgrounds. Because we have designed the games to allow users to make certain gains either individually or as a team, at the end of each game.

Our first community land is ready and we are constantly improving. The structures, assets and plans of our other 5 community cities are ready, and we are constantly updating them on the globe.

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