DAO, which is defined as a decentralized automated organization, ensures that the entire project is managed with the community. Through the software voting system running in the background, the community members will have the decision to change even a single letter on the entire website of the community. Regarding this, all standards are predetermined.

For running our system with a fully decentralized autonomous organisation structure, we allocated %20 of the project funding just to develop the DAO. Because we know that this mechanism is special and unique for our project.

First and foremost, we have started to develop the decentralized autonomous website control panel. In the following stages of development, we are going to be sharing info about the updates with you!

First Look :

Main Topics That We Have Started To Work On:

We will share the roadmap of the DAO on 1 February 2023 and we want to finalize it on 15 January 2024.

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